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ELD Staff

Collier, Kim
Landaverde, Luis
McGrath, Duff
Muedano, Victoria
Pantoja, Benoni
Assistant Principal
Reyes, Carmelina

ELD Home Page

The ELD program is designed to provide language acquisition classes and content area classes for students whose primary language is not English (i.e., English Language Learners). For beginning English Language Learners, classes might include Primary Language Instruction in academic subject areas and intensive English language development classes. A program for intermediate/advanced students would include SEI classes in the academic subject areas and continued English language development. The core curriculum from the regular programs closely parallels in both academic subject areas and English development classes.


ELD (Programa de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés ) El programa de “ELD ” está diseñado para darle clases de Inglés y materias académicas a los estudiantes cuyo primer idioma no es Inglés. Para los estudiantes que están empezando a aprender el inglés, las clases que toman incluyen clases en el primer idioma del estudiante en materias académicas y clases intensivas de inglés. Un programa para los estudiantes del nivel intermedio y avanzado incluiría clases del Programa Estructurado de Inmersión en Inglés en las áreas académicas y continuarían con el desarrollo del idioma inglés. El contenido de las materias académicas como de las clases de Desarrollo del Inglés se asemeja al contenido del programa regular. 

Typical Schedules of ELD Students/ Horarios tipicos para estudiantes de ELD

ELD 1 Student ELD 2 Student ELD 3  Student ELD 4 Student English SEI Student
ELD 1  ELD 2 ELD 3 ELD 4 English SEI
ELD Reading 1 ELD Reading 2 ELD Reading 3 ELD Reading 4 ALL (Academic Lang/ Lit.)
ELD 1 Study Skills Primary Language Math or SEI Math SEI Math SEI Math Math
Primary Language Math or SEI Math Primary Language Social Science or SEI Social Science SEI Social Science SEI Social Science Social Science

Primary Language Social Science or SEI Social Science


Elective SEI Science SEI Science Science
    Elective Elective Elective

Common Terminology/ TerminologĂ­a comĂșn

The following terms are commonly used in the ELD Program:


  • ELD: English Language Development
  • EL: English Learners
  • LEP: Limited English Proficient
  • FEP: Fluent English Proficient
  • CELDT: California English Language Development Test
  • Initial CELDT: The testing process when the child first enters the program.
  • Annual CELDT: The testing that happens in the fall once the child is enrolled in the ELD Program for one year and has not passed the initial CELDT.
  • Reclassified: The student has passed the required tests and changes from the status as English Learner to the Fluent English Proficient designation.
  • SDAIE: Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
  • CLAD (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development): Certification for a teaching credential that authorizes teachers to work with English Learners